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KezdetekThe choir was founded in November, 1997, and it functioned as the Viadana Chamber Choir of the local Szechenyi Istvan High School until August, 1999. From 1 September, 1999 it has been working with the same profile as the Chamber Choir of the Bartok Theater and House of Arts in Dunaujvaros.

The ensemble won the jury’s award at the high school student‘s art competition called Fejer County Days in March, 1998, then on the 1st of May it won the main award in the chamber choir category at the Helikon Festival of Arts in Keszthely. On 4 December, 1999 the group gave a qualifying concert at the Lutheran Church of Dunaujvaros, where they obtained „festival choir“ qualification.

After being invited by the Kodaly Zoltan Choir of Galanta, the Viadana Choir gave three concerts in Slovakia. They performed Palestrina’s Missa Brevis during a holy mass on 20 August, 2000. In December they took part in the Kodaly Zoltan Hungarian Choir Competition, where they got third prize and also the award of the National Cultural Heritage Ministry.

In January, 2001 the ensemble gave a special performance, where György Bánffy, the highly acclaimed Hungarian actor read the poems of the Hungarian poet, Bálint Balassy between the movements of Palestrina’s mass. In May they worked together with Liszt-awarded opera singer Veronika Fekete, and Gyula Pfeiffer pianist and conductor of the Hungarian State Opera House. In December they performed together with two other highly acclaimed Hungarian opera singers, Etelka Csavlek and Éva Lukács.

The Choir received an invitation to Cyprus, where they took part in the First International Choir Festival of Limassol in May, 2002, as the only Hungarian Choir. In the summer of 2002 they performed at the Valley of Arts Festival in Hungary. In November they participated in a Choir Festival in Transylvania, and they celebrated their fifth anniversary by giving a lareg-scale concert in their hometown.

MinősítőOn 5 April 2003 the group received a higher qualification at their next qualifying concert at the Lutheran Church in Dunaujvaros. From May 29 to June 1 they took part in the 14th International IDOCO Choirfest in Linz, Austria. The main event of the festival was the Bruckner-Schollum choir competition, where they recieved a silver diploma.

In July, 2004 they gave concerts under the title „Saint and profane“ with organist Gyula Pfeiffer. At this concert they performed some sacred music, such as motets of Mozart and Liszt, and also profane pieces, such as some renaissance madrigals along with the extensive and rarely performed Second Folksong-Rhapsody of Hungarian composer Lajos Bardos.

On 29 January, 2005 the Viadana had a recording session at the studios of the Hungarian classical radio channel, Bartok Radio. They were the first to record Mozart’s De profundis there. In August they took part in a chamber choir festival organized by the János seprődi Choir association. Then they spent a week in Scandinavia, performing in Sweden and on the island of Aland in Finland.

In the summer of 2006 the Choir visited Aland once more. Henryk Gwardak world-famous organist asked them to give the opening concert of the 32nd International Organ Festival of Aland. Among other pieces they performed Balint Barath, Hungarian composer’s motet for choir and organ, which was written for „the voices of Viadana“. On 25 November, 2006 they performed with the Dance Theater of Dunaujvaros in director István Énekes’s production „On the way with Bartók“. The premier was a great success, and it was also performed at the National Dance Theater in Budapest and the Gárdonyi Géza Theater in Eger.

10 éves jubileumOn 22 January, 2007 the Choir received the award Pro Cultura Intercisae in recognition of their work for the cultural life of the town of Dunaujvaros. On 1 December they gave a concert to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary. Among other pieces they performed Bálint Baráth’s work, composed for choir, sopran solo (Orsolya Uitz) and string quartet (Accord Quartet), using the poem of Éva Hutvágner, a poet from Dunaujvaros. At the end of the concert they received a charter of appretiation from KÓTA, the Association of Hungarian Choirs and Orchestras.

On 7 April, 2009 the Choir received gold qualification at the 12th International Choir Competition in Budapest. On 9 October, 2010 they won the challenge-cup for the performance of Zoltán Kodály’s choral piece „First communion“ at the 2nd Dreta Antal Choir Festival of Sacred Music.

In 2011 the group gave a four-part concert series. The first concert took place at the Lutheran Church of Dunaujvaros on the 3rd of April. They visited the island of Aland in Finland for the third time between the 19th and 26th of April. They gave three concerts at the St. Görans Church in Marienhamn. On Good Friday, April 22nd they performed Liszt’s Via crucis, on the next day they sang pieces by Gabrieli, Kocsár, Viadana and Bárdos at the service, and on Easter Monday they performed Gloria by Vivaldi and Dominus Regnavit by Mondonville, a French composer who was born 300 years ago, with local singers and a local orchestra. On 24 September, 2011 they gave a concert in honor of their hometown, Dunaujvaros becoming a town 60 years ago, at the Bartok Theater and House of Arts. They selected pieces by composers who were born or live in Dunaujvaros, such as Krisztina Ujházy, Ákos Nagy, Zoltán Balogh and Bálint Baráth.

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